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Farm to Summer Meal Programs

Farm to Summer Meals

Summer is a time of agricultural abundance. Using Washington grown foods in your summer meal program is a great way to take advantage of all of the produce our state has to offer! 

Some advantages of Farm to Summer: 

  • Serve fruits and vegetables in thier peak growing season. 

  • Introduce students to produce that may be unavailable during the school year.

  • Develop year-round farm to school programming that supports local growers.

  • Engage community members in activities that celebrate Washington Agriculture. 

The links below offer basic facts about Farm to Summer as well as a sample seasonal purchasing template. 

 Image of the Farm to Summer Fact Sheet   USDA Farm to Summer Fact Sheet

Check out summer farmers markets and school gardens as a potential source for delicious fruits and veggies! The summer harvest season offers an abundance of local produce that may not be available during the school year! 


PHoto of the Sample Season Request sheet Sample Seasonal Request Sheet 

This is an example of a seasonal request sheet sent to local farms and vendors. This could be easily adapted to work for a summer meal site! 

Last Updated: 3/14/2016