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School Food

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Students get local carrots on Taste Washington Day in Bremerton School District - Photo courtesy of Kitsap Sun

School food is so much more than just food on a tray. When we talk about school food we are touching on agriculture and economic development, public health and equity, community building and cooperation around achieving shared goals.  We are educating a generation of eaters and gardeners (farmers and food professionals, too), and we are providing these young people with tools and resources to feed and educate themselves and their communities.

The USDA Pilot Program for Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables is a great way to increase local purchasing in your school district. Visit the USDA website or read more about the pilot program in Washington here

In this section, learn about:

Child Nutrition Services - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
Child Nutrition Services (CNS) assists school districts and other program sponsors in providing quality nutrition programs that promote life-long healthful living while providing nutritious meals each day that prepare children for learning. Locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and other farm-raised products can be a delicious and nutritious component of school food. We work together with CNS on ways to integrate more Washington produced products into school meals and snack programs.

Check out "Washington State Schools 'Scratch Cooking' Recipe Book" by OSPI CNS (September 2013). This Recipe Book is a compilation of recipes that are currently being used in local education agencies across Washington State and designed to share recipes across Washington State schools. The recipes naturally use many ingredients grown or raised in Washington State - a perfect tool for your farm to school program.

Last Updated: 1/5/2017