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About Farm to School

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Carrots and broccoli are devoured by students in Seattle schools

In this section, learn about:

What is Farm to School?
Farm to School is a model for programming and acitivites that promotes and serve locally produced foods in cafeterias of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, educates students about food and agriculture, and supports school gardens.

Farm to School programs take many forms. In addition to providing local markets for farms, they can involve a variety of activities. Farm to School programs often integrate education about local food and farming issues with the food served in the cafeteria. They may promote locally produced foods in the cafeteria, host special event meals with local farm organizations, develop nutrition cNFSN Farm to School Imageurriculum around school gardens and cafeteria meals, integrate food and agriculture themes into classroom subjects throughout the school, or coordinate field trips or class visits to farms in the area.

Goals of Farm to School Programs:
The specific goals of a Farm to School program are determined by the schools, organizations, and individuals who create it, though they often include:

  • Increase market opportunities for small farms
  • Support local farmers and the local economy
  • Educate students and eaters about agriculture, farming and food systems
  • Teach students how to grow food
  • Improve the quality of foods served in the cafeteria
  • Improve nutrition and prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases
  • Improve community relationships

For farmers, food service professionals and community organizers, Farm to School programs are an opportunity to work together to achieve the goals of many, while providing access to fresh, nutritious, local and delicious foods.

From Farm-to-Cafeteria Connections, published by WSDA

"The more opportunities our children have to learn about the people, time, effort and resources necessary to turn a seed into a crop, the more they will appreciate the food on their plates."

Hon. Jay Inslee, In Recognition of "Taste Washington Day"

Last Updated: 1/11/2019