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Washington State Farm to Prison Pilot

The Washington State Department of Corrections (WDOC) has partnered with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to conduct a pilot program to evaluate supplying local food from Washington farms to the Monroe Correctional Facility (Snohomish County) and to the Stafford Creek Correctional Center (Grays Harbor County).

This project will evaluate whether, and to what degree, local purchasing in these institutions will benefit the Department of Corrections, local economies and small farms in Washington State. The WSDA Farm to School Program sees the project as an opportunity to assess institutional direct markets for farms and develop institutional procurement models that might benefit similar projects.

This pilot will evaluate the impact of the project in terms of the following:

  • Supporting local economic systems
  • Reducing carbon inputs for food production
  • Reducing fuel consumption to bring product to institutional consumers
  • Reducing packaging impacts on the farmer, WDOC and our environment
  • Encouraging community partnerships
  • Reducing offender recidivism
  • Providing diversified market opportunities for growers

Farms are encouraged to sell produce in a field-packed, unprocessed state. The purchases will be made using the Seattle Terminal Market Value as a pricing gauge. Farmers receive fairmarket value while reducing production costs and WDOC will clean, sort and process the food within the facility.

For more information please contact:
Julie Vanneste of the Department of Corrections at

Last Updated: 9/30/2014