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Impacts of Farm to School

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School nutrition staff teach and learn from each other about how to serve more fresh, local foods in schools.

There is increasingly more information being made available about the impacts of farm to school. Below are just a few articles and resources that address farm-to-school activities and the impacts they have, ranging from child nutrition to economic impact to student attention and classroom participation.

Benefits of Farm to School Factsheet - National Farm to School Network
"From student health and academic achievement, to job creation and family engagement, the benefits of farm to school activities are far reaching – and well documented! NFSN's Benefits of Farm to School factsheet offers an updated, research-based overview of the positive impacts of this approach, including:

  • Increased local economic activity: every dollar invested in farm to school stimulates up to an additional $2.16 of local economic activity
  • Enhanced academic achievement: student grades, test scores, physical activity and social and emotional growth show improvement
  • Improved nutrition habits: families report greater ability and interest in incorporating healthier foods at home
  • Reduced food waste: decreases in overall waste from production to plate"

USDA Farm to School Report - 2010
"During 2010, the USDA Farm to School Team visited 15 school districts across the country that were involved in farm to school related activities in varying capacities, reviewed resource materials, participated in national and regional conferences, and consulted with other organizations that worked with the farm to school community. This report summarizes the observations of these activities. This report also provides suggestions for further action by USDA to support schools in obtaining fresh and healthy food from their local and regional food systems."

The Impact of Seven Cents - Oregon, EcoTrust
An evaluation of the economic impacts of spending an additional 7 cents per meal on locally sourced food.

Summary of research related to garden based education [external link] This link summarizes research on outcomes of garden-based education on interpersonal skills, scores on science achievement tests, healthy eating.


Why Farm to School? National Farm to School Network- National Farm to School Network


Last Updated: 5/23/2017