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Grant-Funded Projects

WSDA Farm to School is dedicated to fostering relationships between schools and agricultural producers in Washington State and provides information, inspiration, assistance, and policy solutions for those working to supply healthy Washington-grown food and related education to youth in our State.

Farm to School is about partnerships, which is essential for making this work. School food efforts—governed at the district, state and federal level and implemented by each separate district—must intersect and connect with local food, public health, hunger and access, education and agriculture efforts for farm to school to succeed.

Through pilot projects (grant-funded), WSDA Farm to School and vaious partners fill each other's gaps and build know-how. The knowledge, experience and resources developed and expanded through pilot projects are shared state-wide and beyond via our toolkit website, workshops, conference presentations and webinars for greater dissemination and application.

To learn more about our current projects, visit Current Pilot Project page. Our previous pilots are archived at Past Projects page.

Last Updated: 9/30/2014