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For farmers interested in selling to schools

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Schools frequently state the need for minimally-processed fruits and vegetables for their salad bars.

Farmers and food processors are key partners in farm to school efforts, and basic processing of fruits and vegetables can really make the difference in schools' ability to use local produce. Schools have limited budgets and staff time to do in-house processing of raw fruits and vegetables. They are especially interested in minimally-processed produce items to add to salad bars or conveniently serve in side dishes to meet their fruit and vegetable nutrition standard requirements. Some farms have found success with doing some value-added processing for their farm products, in order to expand their institutional market.

WSDA Fact Sheets for Farmers: 

OSPI Child Nutrition has put together a handy visual chart to share the many vegetables within the subgroups schools are required to serve.

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General Resources: 

Last Updated: 1/31/2019