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Engaging Children in Farm to Preschool Activities

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Cutting farm fresh potatoes with knife (Community Day School Association, Seattle WA, 2011)

Tips and Guidelines for Cooking with Children

Involving children in food preparation increases interest in the nutritious meals prepared. At the same time, cooking and prep work can be used to teach basic skills, increase self-confidence, and reinforce classroom lessons. Preschool age children are capable of assisting in food preparation. The links below provide further information about how to engage young children in this process.

South Dakota Physical Activities and Healthy Snacks for Young Children [external link] South Dakota Departments of Education, Health, and Social Services. This recipe guide includes tips for involving young children in food preparation. It lists appropriate activities by age group and includes recipes that young children may participate in.

Growing Minds farm to school progarm logo with peas in a podCooking with Preschool Children [external link] Growing Minds. This document includes information about cooking with preschool children, including learning activity ideas, tips, recipe ideas, and age-appropriate activities.

Making Food Healthy and Safe For Children [external link] The National Training Institute for Child Care Health Consultants. These guidelines include ideas for involving students in food preparation while also including parents in food-related activities.

Cooking with Preschoolers [external link] KidsHealth from Nemours. This website includes information on the benefits of including preschoolers in food preparation, ideal tasks for preschoolers, and general tips.

Last Updated: 10/8/2014