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Posters, Handouts, and other Promotional Materials

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Seattle Public Schools Harvest of the Month Bulletin Board for cabbage

WSDA and partners have created lots of posters and other promotional and educational materials for Farm to School projects, and we want them to be used and seen all around the State!  Browse the selection below and download lots of beautiful materials for posting in your school, institution, or market!

WSDA's Farm to School Team wants to provide a range of materials and options to help you promote your farm to institution efforts to students and families.  Many individal programs have created great resources to share. Mix and match to meet your specific needs! If your school or program has developed promotional or educational materials for farm to school in Washington State, please email us at so we can share them with others!



Click through on the image below to see all 20 posters and download your FREE copies for printing!

WA Harvest PostersWA Harvest PostersWA Harvest Posters



Seattle Public Schools Harvest of the Month posters and education packets -  Seattle Harvest of the Month posterThis great Harvest of the Month set includes bulletin-board sized backdrop posters with change-out pieces for each month's highlighted food (see image at top of this web page).  The posters include agriculture and health facts and info about where in Washington the foods are grown, and the set includes downloadable educator materials for each month's items.  Learn more at Seattle Public Schools Washington Grown Harvest of the Month website, where you can download materials and purchase the large poster sets.



Whatcom Harvest of the Month 2015-17 Calendar
Whatcom County Harvest of the Month
- The Whatcom Farm to School Team has created their own Harvest of the Month posters based on Northwest Washington's specific growing seasons. They also recently adapted California's Harvest of the Month education materials to include Washington-specific facts.  All of their materials, including the the new 2015-2017 Harvest of the Month calendar, are available for download at the Whatcom Farm to School website.   





WSDA has a list of agricultural maps showing agricultural areas, where fruits, vegetables, and other foods are grown in Washington, and more.

The Washington State Dairy Council's resources include maps, posters, and other materials.



Fresh From the Farms Near You! primary logoA set of farm to school logos, symbols and a flyer/poster developed for the South King County Farm to School Collaborative Project, one of the Community Transformation Grant 2012-14 project made possible with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The set is available for FREE - you can download a part or all of the files from the link below. It includes three logos (primary, icon and horizontal), each comes with four file types (JPEG, PNG, AI and ESP) and both color and black-and-white, a flyer (11x17 and 16x20), and the uesr guide [PDF]. For more information about the pilot project, visit CTG Project page.

Primary logoPrimary logo [zip 4.8MB]  icon logoIcon logo [zip 21.9MB]

horizontal logoHorizontal logo [zip 3.3MB]

flyerFlyer 11x17 [zip 14.6MB]

Flyer 16x20 [zip 14.7MB]



Handy Guide to WA Grown Produce poster thumbEBT at Farmers Markets poster thumb 








Don't forget to visit our Taste Washington Day page for those resources!

Visit for National Farm to School Month materials for October!

Last Updated: 4/3/2017