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WA Grown Food Kit For Cabbage

  • Cabbage is one of the oldest vegetables in existence and continues to be a dietary staple throughout the world.
  • Cabbage belongs to the Cruciferae family of vegetables, along with broccoli, collards, kale and Brussels sprouts.
  • There are at least a hundred different types of cabbage grown throughout the world, but the most common types in the United States are the Green, Red, and Savoy varieties.
  • The two most common types of Chinese cabbage are Bok Choy and Napa cabbage.
  • Cabbage can be steamed, boiled, braised, microwaved, stuffed, or stir-fried, and eaten raw.


ref: Fruits and Veggies More Matters. From the Heart of Washington

School Recipes

  • Black Bean & Corn Salsa
  • Brussels Sprouts Fennel Carrot Salad
  • Rainbow Salad with Lemon-Honey Dressing
  • Asian Salad with Brown Rice and Seasame Ginger Dressing - HUSSC

Child Care Recipes

For Child Care Recipes click here.

Nutrition Facts

Cultures in which cabbage is a staple food, such as in Poland and some parts of China, show a low incidence of breast cancer. Research suggests this is due to the protective effect of sulfur-containing compounds in cabbage.