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Facts for Cucumbers

  • Cucumbers are 96% water, which means they do not contain as many nutrients as a drier vegetable like squash; but cucumbers are low in fat, sodium, and calories.

  • Cucumbers are cool and moist due to their high water content and belong to the same family as pumpkins, zucchini, watermelon and other squashes.

  • One-half cup of sliced cucumbers has just 8 calories.

  • There are several varieties of cucumber; the most popular are English, Persian, and Pickling cucumbers. Persian cucumbers are also known as regular cucumbers with soft, edible seeds. The skin is often waxed to seal in moisture. English cucumbers are sometimes known as gourmet cucumbers, "burpless", or seedless cucumbers. This variety has seeds that are very small but do not need to be removed. Longer and thinner than regular cucumbers, this variety is usually shrink-wrapped to seal in moisture because they are not waxed.

  • Cucumbers are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Potassium.

  • The green color of cucumber skin indicates it is a great source of chlorophyll, which is a valuable phytonutrient.

  • Cucumbers also contain Vitamin A, fiber, pantothenic acid, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, to name a few.