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WA Grown Food Kit For Lettuce

In the United States, lettuce is the second most popular fresh vegetable. Americans eat about 30 pounds of lettuce every year - that's about five times more than what we ate in the early 1900's. Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family, and darker green lettuce leaves are higher in certain nutrients than lighter green leaves.

Both head and leaf lettuce are grown in Washington, and almost all lettuce is packed right in the field. The peak harvst season for lettuce is during the summer months in Washington.


Washington Harvest Salad Green Poster [FREE download]

WA Harvest Salad Greens PosterClick to view the full-size PDF. The poster is designed to be printed at either 11" x 17" or 2' x 3'.

Highlight Washington-grown lettuce served in your program with this beautiful poster! The poster provides nutrition facts under "THRIVE", agriculture information under "GROW", and tips for preparation, cooking, and fun facts, etc. under "TASTE". 

Special thanks to Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Department of Agriculture for sharing their poster files, from which many of the food facts were adapted, and to WSU Stevens County Extension for helping us update and add new facts for Washington State.

School Recipes

  • Black Bean Vegetable Wrap - USDA
  • Salad Noodle Wraps
  • Asian Salad with Brown Rice and Seasame Ginger Dressing - HUSSC
  • Veggie Wrap with Cucumbers

Child Care Recipes

For Child Care Recipes click here.

Nutrition Facts

If possible, do not cut or slice lettuce leaves in advance. Damaged, cut lettuce leaves release an ascorbic acid oxidase, which destroys vitamin C and causes the cut edges to discolor.