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Recipes & Nutrition Analysis for Lettuce

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Asian Salad with Brown Rice and Seasame Ginger Dressing - HUSSC

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Black Bean Vegetable Wrap - USDA

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Ranch Hand Nachos

Although written as a lunch or dinner recipe, these nachos could also be served in a smaller portion as a snack. Including nutritious local foods into this favorite meal ensures mealtime is healthy and exciting, with plenty of opportunity for children to participate!

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Salad Noodle Wraps

a creative, healthy and tasty recipe by Arla Sutton, the winner for Washington State of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge 2012.

Arla is also a two-time Student Chef winner of the Farm to Cafeteria/Orcas Isaland School District Chef Competition event: in 2010 for her favorite Orange-Almond Granola, and in 2011 when she teamed up with her friend, Millie Kau, for the now national-contest-winning Salad Noodle Wraps.

Other States' winner recipes are available at URL:

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Veggie Wrap with Cucumbers

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