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WA Grown Food Kit For Potatoes

Washington State grows 20% of all the potato production in the United State. The climatic conditions, rich volcanic soil, abundant water and long growing season result in eastern Washington State producing the highest yield per acre of potatoes in the world.

  • On average, Americans eat 110 lbs of patotoes per year.
  • 99% of Washington's potato farms are family owned.
  • Potatoes grow underground, but are actually swollen stems, not roots.
  • The potato skin changes its chemical structure after it is harvested. The outer layers thicken to protect the flesh inside.
  • When choosing potatoes, be sure they are firm, smooth, and the color they are supposed to be. Softness, a green tinge, or wrinkly skin may indicate a potato that is past its prime.
  • The potato is about 80% water and 20% solids.
  • Most of the nutrients are contained right below the skin, so avoid peeling when possible.
  • You need 4 lbs of potatoes to make a pound of potato chips.


Washington Harvest Potato Poster [FREE download]

WA Harvest Potato PosterClick to view the full-size PDF. The poster is designed to be printed at either 11" x 17" or 2' x 3'.

Highlight Washington-grown potatoes served in your program with this beautiful poster! The poster provides nutrition facts under "THRIVE", agriculture information under "GROW", and tips for preparation, cooking, and fun facts, etc. under "TASTE". 

Special thanks to Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Department of Agriculture for sharing their poster files, from which many of the food facts were adapted, to Franklin Pierce School Farm for helping us update and add new facts for Washington State, and to Kira Olsen at Olsen Farms for the bulk potato photo. 

School Recipes

  • Kale Sunshine Soup - HUSSC

Child Care Recipes

For Child Care Recipes click here.

Nutrition Facts

Potatoes and milk complement each other to provide a complete protein when they are eaten together. Amino acids missing from the potato are found in milk, and vice versa.