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Facts for Apples

Use fun facts to build student interest and help them choose healthy, Washington-grown foods!

More info on apples can be found on the Washington Apples site!

  • More than half of all apples grown in the United States for fresh eating come from orchards in Washington State!

  • Washington apples are sold in all 50 states and more than 40 countries.

  • The apple harvest averages about 10 billion apples each year, enough to circle the Earth 20 times.

  • Apples are convenient—an original "fast food" which can be eaten fresh, sliced, dipped, dried, or processed as sauce and juice.

  • A medium apple (tennis-ball size) is an excellent source of fiber. One medium apple with the skin on provides 5 grams of fiber. Fiber and pectin help reduce cholesterol, aid in digestion, and may help prevent certain types of cancer.

  • Apples are thirst quenching because they contain about 85% water. They are a perfect snack food because their natural sugars provide quick energy, while the bulky pulp makes the eater feel full.

  • Apple skins are especially rich in polyphenols and quercetin (antioxidants) that may prevent chronic disease. (Polyphenols are 5 times more prevalent in the skin than the flesh of the apples.

  • Apples have zero fat, sodium, and cholesterol and contain no artificial colors or flavors.


  • Apple Information Flyer - Share this flyer with the teachers, students, and staff when you showcase WA grown apples [MS Publisher]