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Recipes & Nutrition Analysis for Brussels Sprouts


When selecting Brussels sprouts, look for the bright green ones firm to the touch. Yellow or wilted leaves are signs of mishandling.

When storing Brussels sprouts, place the unwashed sprouts in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

To prepare Brussels sprouts, remove any yellow or wilted outer leaves and trim stem ends.

ref: Fruits and Veggies More Matters

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Brussels Sprouts Fennel Carrot Salad

A fancy twist of coleslaw with vanilla infused vinaigrette, created by Chef John Fisher with Renton Technical College Culinary Art. The salad goes well with grilled chicken or salmon, and you can make a wrap sandwich that would surely be a hit as a grab-and-go item. Brussels Sprouts can be substituted with a mix of green cabbage and kale.

*1 cup serving provides 1/2 cup vegetable (1/8 cup red/orange vegetable)

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Honey Glazed Brussels Sprouts

This recipe is fast and simple to prepar! - A spoonful of honey helps the Brussels sprouts go down! If you like it crispy, broil briefly after roasting.

Recipe courtesy of FareStart - FareStart prepares fresh, local, and seasonal food in their dedicated kitchen and provides nutritious, quality meals to local childcare centers and schools.

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