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Recipes & Nutrition Analysis for Onions

Show only recipes in season for Schools

Arroz con Pollo (Spanish Rice with Chicken)

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BBQ Lentil Loaf

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Black Bean & Corn Salsa

This recipe is by Wenatchee School District. The salsa is a hit among the students, and was shared by Kent Getzin, the Foodservice Director, at WSDA's Farm to School workshop (mobile tour) in 2012.

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Brown Rice Pilaf with Carrots & Dill

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Brussels Sprouts Fennel Carrot Salad

A fancy twist of coleslaw with vanilla infused vinaigrette, created by Chef John Fisher with Renton Technical College Culinary Art. The salad goes well with grilled chicken or salmon, and you can make a wrap sandwich that would surely be a hit as a grab-and-go item. Brussels Sprouts can be substituted with a mix of green cabbage and kale.

*1 cup serving provides 1/2 cup vegetable (1/8 cup red/orange vegetable)

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Colorful Chickpea Salad

This colorful chickpea salad with Southwest flavor was created by a group of Seattle Public Schools' foodservice staff as a part of their Professional Development training. It is a student-approved recipe, at least among high school students, that holds well and tastes good!

Tips: Halve grape tomatoes for an easy scoop into students' mouth.

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Egg Salad Sandwich

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Lentil Chili

This recipe is adapted from USDA recipe "Chili con Carne with Beans" by Kent Getzin, Foodservice Director at Wenatchee School District. The key is to retain the character of the lentils.

Washington State ranks third in the nation in the production of lentils, most of them grown in eastern WA.

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Marinated Black Bean Salad

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Pancit - Filipino noodle dish

One of Highline School District's ethnic entrée dishes from the Philippines. It's a noodle dish using fresh carrots and cabbages from Washington farms!

This recipe is highlighted at “School Lunch - Let’s Grow Healthy,” at School Nutrition Association.

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Pork Street Taco with Green Chickpea Guacamole, Beans & Veggie Salsa, and Cilantro Chipotle Lime Cream Sauce

Wenatchee's Winter Taste Washington Day 2015 menu - student approved mock guacamole is sure to please not just your students but also your food service budget :)

Recipes courtesy of Wenatchee School District - also presented by Kent Getzin, food Service Director during the Farm to School Demo Luncheon at the WSDA Farm to School Summit held in Wenatchee, WA (April 15-16, 2015)

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Pozole con Pescado

Alliance for a Healthier Generation's 2012 Rachael Ray's Yum-o! Healthy School Meal Contest Winning Recipe

Pozole, a soup made with hominy, is a favorite dish for Oakland Unified SD's Mexican students. While pozole is traditionally made with pork or chicken, this soup would be a great vehicle to serve fish that isn't fried and breaded. Option: Substitute the traditional topping of cabbage with kale, a dark and nutritious green. The dish has a slight kick to it but it is not too hot.

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Quishe with self-forming crust

Add some spinach, bell peppers, chopped parsley, herbs of your choice, or jalapeno to spice up and tailor to your students' taste.

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