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Facts for Wheat

  • Refined flour is made up of the wheat kernel’s endosperm and doesn’t include the bran or germ. Whole wheat flour includes the endosperm, bran and the germ. In research studies, whole wheat is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer as well as a reduced risk of obesity and better weight control.

    - Washington Grain Commission

  • There are six different wheat classes grown in the U.S.: Hard Red Winter (HRW), Hard Red Spring (HRS), Hard White (HW), Durum, Soft White (SW), and Soft Red Winter (SRW).Washington growers mostly soft white, HRS and HRW types. Each type has different uses.

    In the U.S., wheat varieties are classified either as “winter” or “spring” depending on the season each is planted. Winter varieties are sown in the fall and are usually established before the cold weather arrives and then goes dormant over the winter. Typically about 80% of Washington’s total production is winter and 20% is spring.

    - Washington Grain Commission